Okay, I’m back.

It’s been a while.

Summer really did come and go. A lot happened and I definitely got distracted. For my birthday, I built my first computer and started playing games like Overwatch, PUBG, and World of Warcraft. School started and work got busier, and then a hurricane came… straight for us. I know. It’s October now and I can’t believe Halloween is almost upon us. 2017, this truly shitty year, is almost over.

I did think about this blog often and thought a lot about what direction I wanted to go. When I started I decided that I wanted to do a lifestyle blog. I wanted to talk about everything- the world, my life, Star Wars, etc. It’s kind of overwhelming to have so many options and not really know where to begin. Sometimes I want to go full on Star Wars blog, nothing but Star Wars news, thoughts and opinions, analyses and reviews, fashion recommendations, the whole deal. However, I don’t want to restrict myself if there is something I’m passionate about that isn’t Star Wars that I feel like I have to talk about. So for now I think Jedi Lore will continue as a lifestyle blog and perhaps I will attempt to do a fun Star Wars series that will hopefully help me keep going.

Blogging isn’t hard, I just need to find my place.

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