Star Wars Style: The 40th Edition

I love fashion, but more importantly I love geeky fashion. Star Wars Style is a series that has been done before by many wonderful bloggers and this is my attempt at joining in on the fun. I love curating outfits in my everyday life, especially ones that feature Star Wars because I own way too many SW related clothing and accessories.

So, here it is… my first outfit of the series.

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I decided to make my beloved Her Universe 40th Anniversary Souvenir jacket the main focus. It’s my favorite thing to wear at the moment and I really should stop before I ruin it forever. This jacket is such an eye-catcher that I always make sure the rest of my outfit doesn’t attract too much attention. I paired the jacket with light blue cropped jeans from Levi’s, a plain black top from H&M, and black platforms from Urban Outfitters. For accessories I’m wearing my Millennium Falcon earrings from Hot Topic and sporting some classic black Ray-Ban sunglasses. I like minimal jewelry and I feel that the earrings are a nice touch and add a subtle nerdy flair.

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This outfit is very versatile and can be worn for many occasions, such as girls night out, on a date, The Last Jedi premiere, etc. The platforms could easily be replaced with sneakers for a more casual look. My favorite thing about this jacket is that the material isn’t thick and I never feel like I’m having a heat stroke (I live in FL).

This year marks the 40th Anniversary since Star Wars premiered in theaters and this jacket is the perfect piece in any wardrobe to show your love and celebrate the milestone!



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