Life Update: Day 319

The past few days have been tiring, stressful, overwhelming, and yet… I finally feel at ease and much happier than before.

Basically, I moved.

I hate the actual act of moving- the packing, hiring movers, praying your stuff doesn’t get damaged or lost, and then the dreaded unpacking. You never realize how much shit you have until you need to find somewhere to put it.

I’ve moved six times in the last ten years, luckily all moves were more or less in the same county. I like having lived in different settings, like a big house to a small apartment to a high rise on the beach and now an apartment in a very suburban area. I like having had different iterations of my room, from spacious to extremely small (you know, the classic jump over the bed to get to the other side). Everything seems perfect right now and we are mostly unpacked. I think one of the most essential items to own is a power drill, because damn do we need one. From Ikea furniture to wall decor, my hands are in pain from using a screwdriver, it’s truly ridiculous.

I hope the new setting gives me a clear mind and inspiration to write more. Now that I don’t have to worry about the move anymore, I should be able to just relax…

…we’ll see how long that lasts.



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