A New Hope

A little over a week ago, Star Wars announced that Rian Johnson would helm a new trilogy focused on new characters in an unexplored part of the galaxy. My initial reaction was “holy shit, my body is ready, give it to me now.” First of all, I’m all in for Rian Johnson. I’ve been a big supporter of him since he was announced as the director of episode VII, now titled The Last Jedi. I like his style, his writing, and his undeniable love for cinema.

While I do not know him, Johnson seems like a very genuine person who is incredibly grateful to have worked on a Star Wars film. His beautiful black and white photos of The Last Jedi set (PLEASE MAKE A BOOK ONE DAY RIAN) are just one example of him sharing his experiences with us fans. A lot of people are thinking (me included) that The Last Jedi must be fucking amazing. Why on earth would Disney/Lucasfilm give him the job of developing three films and an entirely new story if his movie is just subpar?

I have faith in Rian Johnson, I’ve always had faith, but now I believe he is our new hope.

As far as subject matter for the new trilogy goes, I only really have one theory and it’s all about The Journal of the Whills. Several people have speculated that the Journal of the Whills makes an appearance in the trailer for The Last Jedi. I am crossing my fingers because it’s probably one of my favorite parts of Star Wars lore and history. Fun fact, one of the first drafts of Star Wars by George Lucas is titled The Journal of the Whills. It was originally intended to be used as a plot device in which all the stories and adventures in Star Wars came from said journal. I absolutely love the idea and wish it hadn’t been scrapped. If the book featured in TLJ is in fact the journal, it would be the first time it is seen and mentioned in a Star Wars film. The novelization of The Force Awakens made the Journal of the Whills canon and Rogue One is the first Star Wars film that briefly mentions the “Guardians of the Whills” as a religious order of monks who believe in the Force. I feel like if there is going to be a trilogy about something unexplored, this would be the perfect subject matter.

I don’t know how compelling it would be for the average viewer, but I do know that the Journal of the Whills will make an appearance again, most likely as a passage in the novelization for The Last Jedi. If the journal does make an appearance in TLJ then that leads me to believe that we will most likely see it again in the future. If it sparks interest then why wouldn’t people want to see an ancient Star Wars universe and the eventual formation of the Jedi Order and the Sith.

I absolutely love that Lucasfilm is venturing beyond the Skywalker saga and is taking audiences to different times and places in the Star Wars universe. It allows for an infinite amount of possibilities regarding content and insures that Star Wars will never die.

If the films never explore this then I hope to at least see a book one day that really delves into the lore and history of the galaxy and the earliest Jedi… because I’m not Jedi Lore for nothing…


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