Breathe, Just Breathe… My thoughts on The Last Jedi

I have officially seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


I was speechless after my first viewing of the film. I couldn’t really describe what I had seen and my emotions were all over the place. For the first time ever, I had a mixed reaction to a Star Wars movie. Now, having a mixed reaction does not mean I disliked the film, in fact after my second viewing I felt like I found a new appreciation for it. The more I think about it, the more I love it and want to go back and watch it again.

WARNING: SPOILERS below. Leave now if you haven’t seen the The Last Jedi.

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It’s incredible how many moments there were in this movie that managed to take my breath away. I don’t care if you find that cheesy and I’m not here to give you some kind of 2017 think-piece of the film. I’m here to write down my thoughts as a Star Wars fan and hopefully as coherently as possible.

First off, Leia using the force to bring herself back to the Resistance cruiser is absolutely my number one moment in The Last Jedi. I loved it so much. Everything about this scene is fucking beautiful. The music, the backdrop, the ice crystals forming on her face, the surrounding debris, and Carrie Fisher herself made this scene probably one of the greatest moments ever in Star Wars history. Due to previously released stills of the film I knew that this wasn’t Leia’s death, however, I was unsure how she could possibly survive. The moment her fingers began to twitch, I began to tear up. Leia using the force like that was unlike anything we had ever seen her do and she turned out to be stronger with the force than we imagined. I was in awe.

Another moment in the film was the brief Kylo/Rey team up that I didn’t know I wanted. Prior to this scene I felt slightly uneasy about the force bond between these two characters. The idea of them being able to see each other and even touch was so different and new, I wasn’t sure how I felt. I don’t ship these two characters and quite frankly it’s hard to convince me of a worthy Ben Solo redemption arc (especially after this movie). However, once we were in Snoke’s throne room, the hype was real. The entire sequence is phenomenal and it’s one of the moments I look forward to watching over and over again. In fact, I probably look forward to it the most along with Luke’s arrival on Crait.

Which brings me to my third most memorable moment.

The spark that is Luke Skywalker.

I will be honest with you, I did not envision Luke to be so angry and bitter. At the end of The Force Awakens Luke came off as sad and distraught. We soon learn that the myth is dead and Luke Skywalker has lost his hope and his will to live. No, I don’t agree with Luke wanting to kill his nephew, but just like I hated learning that Han and Leia drifted apart over the years I was more than willing to accept what happened to these characters after Return of the Jedi.

The number one thing I wanted most out of The Last Jedi was for Luke and Leia to reunite. Unfortunately, we lost Carrie Fisher last year and I was really worried about not being able to see those two characters interact again. Fortunately, Rian Johnson had our backs and while it wasn’t exactly the type of reunion I had hoped for, it made me feel at ease and more accepting of Luke’s fate at the end of the film.

Kylo and Luke’s confrontation was thrilling and emotional. When I first laid eyes upon Luke I thought “Oh! he decided to cut his hair, wear his old outfit, and show up and be the hero. Finally.”

I was wrong.

When we cut back to Luke on Ahch-to it is a moment of joy and relief and confusion and sadness. As he collapses on the rock you realize how strong he is with the force, yet how weak he is internally. I think the movie makes it clear that Luke is sad and disappointed in his past self, yet his determination that we see in the original trilogy is still there. That made me incredibly happy. So, while I was initially disappointed in what Luke had become I was pleased to know that the legend that is Luke Skywalker lives and will continue to live in anyone who carries hope with them.

There really is so much to talk about regarding The Last Jedi. I thought Admiral Holdo’s heroic sacrifice was a beautiful thing to behold. Luke’s binary sunset moment gave me all the feels. Rey now having the “sacred Jedi texts!” fuels my excitement to hopefully learn more about the first Jedi in Episode IX.

In regards to Snoke being irrelevant, I honestly didn’t care for Snoke to begin with. I didn’t engage in Snoke theories and I don’t care if he is not actually dead even though I’m pretty sure he’s dead. Like, real dead.

Lastly, Rey’s parentage was a disappointment for me because I have been banking on Rey Skywalker since way before TFA came out. Yes, it’s the most obvious theory but I felt so strongly on Luke having had a family, I wanted it to be true. However, it’s not a big deal and my love for Star Wars and The Last Jedi only continues to grow deeper with each viewing of the film. I’m okay with her being her own self but I don’t like the idea of watching the saga films and knowing that the only Skywalker of this new era is Kylo Ren. Since Rey is not the offspring of anybody we know, I at least hope that Luke was able to find love in the last 30 years because he fucking deserves it.

Those are all my thoughts for now. So much happened in this film, enough to keep everyone talking for the next two years. I plan on getting more in depth in the future about characters and scenes once I’m finally able to process and watch the movie a couple more times before it goes away.

See you around kid.

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