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New Year, New Goals

Hi. Happy New Year.

We are practically half way through January and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted my first post of the new year to be. As much as I wanted to talk about Star Wars, I also wanted to give an update on my life and my goals for the rest of this year.

I’m bad at resolutions. Every year I try to think of “good, healthy” ones or “easy and obtainable” ones, but I never really get around to achieving them. This year is different, in May I will be graduating from college and while that is a goal in itself, I’m worried about what comes next. My current job is not at all what I hope to do in the future. It’s a part-time job I got to pay the (luckily) few bills that I have and of course to work and have money for myself.

One of my goals is to find something new by the end of this year. Whether it’s an internship or another part-time, I want my new job to be something that I’m passionate about. Sometimes working at a place where you find yourself miserable takes a toll and I no longer want to be miserable. I have already started to work on my portfolio and I’m looking to implement it somehow with my blog. Stay tuned!

Another goal is to focus more on the blog. Yup. When I started Jedi Lore, I had a couple of things in mind. One was to write more and find my voice, the other was to engage online and interact with others. I can think of a lot of excuses, but for the most part I was lazy and unable to find inspiration for posts. All I know is that I want Jedi Lore to be a personal/Star Wars blog with some geek/pop culture on the side. Nothing crazy, right? I honestly can’t wait to start posting more and hopefully meeting new people online.

I love the beginning of a new year because it really does feel like a fresh start. Getting a new job and focusing on my blog are my two goals of 2018. I hope a year from now I can look back at this post and happily say for the first time ever I attained my goals.

Somebody hold me.

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