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Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Scene From The Last Jedi

Star Wars ComLINKS is a monthly link up by Anakin And His Angel centered around the galaxy far, far away.

Let’s be real here, I have many favorite scenes in The Last Jedi and that’s because this movie is filled with incredible moments that either gut punch you or make you feel like you could jump out of your seat in exhilaration. I’d like to preface this by saying that I do not have a top or number one favorite scene. However, the one I’ll choose to discuss today is Leia using the force to save her life.


It’s probably the most controversial because of the way she flew through space. Some people found it cringy, others found it to be impossible. While I agree a different positioning of her body would have been less comical, I didn’t mind it at all when I first saw it. In fact, I was so awestruck at the fact that she was using the force in the first place, I wasn’t even concerned with the way she was flying.

For those of you who don’t know, Carrie Fisher passed away in December of 2016. The Last Jedi had already finished filming and many were concerned with how the character of General Leia would be handled, me included. I can honestly say Lucasfilm, Rian Johnson, and Carrie Fisher did an wonderful job with Leia. Her lines ironically felt like comforting goodbyes and this scene in particular let the audience know that Leia was stronger in the force than we could have possibly imagined.

When the explosion of the bridge occurs we watch Leia get blown out into the vacuum of space and the scene cuts. I immediately thought “oh, this is how they’re going to do it, this is how they’re going to kill off Leia.” Then I thought “wait, I’ve seen so many promotional stills of her interacting with Admiral Holdo (who has yet to be introduced), this can’t be it.” As soon as we cut back to Leia’s body surrounded by debris, I knew something would happen I just didn’t know what.

In my opinion the music is what makes this scene. As we close up on her face, her theme starts playing in a soft and melancholic tone and it instantly made me cry. The music builds up as her fingers begin to twitch and we know Leia is alive and then we realize, she’s using the force, she’s saving herself.

When her eyes open she starts to move through space, passing the debris from the explosion. Poe Dameron, Finn, and Kaydel Ko Connix (played by Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s daughter) watch from the Raddus as they witness something truly incredible. That’s another thing, nobody aboard the cruiser questions how Leia is doing this. They know.


Image result for poe finn connix

Upon my first viewing, I couldn’t help but exclaim in my head Leia is a Skywalker, Leia is Anakin’s daughter, of course she’s this powerful. When she arrives at the cruiser we cut to her in a space stretcher (at least that’s what I’m calling it) as she is being taken away to be treated. She used the force to save her own life and it was incredibly powerful to watch, especially as a Carrie Fisher fan. The music, the backdrop of desolate space, her face being illuminated by the stars, and the extraordinary way she used the force made this scene one of my favorites of all time in Star Wars and in film in general.

If you are someone who had trouble accepting this scene, I just want you to think about what Carrie Fisher would have thought about it, if she had the chance. She’d probably make fun herself, I laugh just thinking about would have come out of her mouth. Carrie loved poking fun, but I’m also sure that she would have loved to see Leia in such a profound way.

If you’re interested in the music from the scene: John Williams – The Supremacy

What was your favorite scene from The Last Jedi? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Scene From The Last Jedi

  1. I do admit the scene was cringy. While I was absolutely thrilled that Leia survived and finally used the Force, I wish she had used it for the cause and not just herself. And now we wait for the next movie, wondering how Carrie Fisher’s death will obviously affect Leia’s story arc.


    1. I would have loved to see her use the Force more as well throughout the film! In regards to Carrie’s death, I think the best thing they can do is a time skip to reveal Leia’s passing in between films. She will be missed and her story will always feel incomplete, but it’s nice to have the last film in the series be about the future of the Jedi and the new Rebellion.

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