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Five Things: January 2018

Five Things is a series where I list five things I liked, loved, or geeked out about during the month.

In no particular order, here are this month’s five things…

1. Every week I’ve been tuning in to the Overwatch League and it’s been so fun to watch along with my SO. I started playing the game last year and I’ve developed such an appreciation for the teams and esports in general.

2. This episode of the Star Wars Show is a must watch for anyone who went to go see The Last Jedi. I absolutely love (worship?) the Lucasfilm Story Group and every time one of them speaks you just gotta shut up and listen.

3. My somewhat new obsession is collecting enamel pins. I used to buy them when I would go to Disney World, but more recently I have been thrown into a world of pin-makers online and one of my favorites is Lantern Pins. If you’re interested in Star Wars or Disney inspired pins, she has a really great collection.

4. I’ve been watching a new anime called Violet Evergarden and while I won’t know if the story pays off in the end, it is SO BEAUTIFUL. The music and the visuals should be more than enough to check out!

5. Lastly, my new favorite Star Wars podcast is Skytalkers. I could probably write an essay as to why I love it so much, but to keep it short, these young women are around my age and provide a new and refreshing take on Star Wars that I’ve been wanting for so long. These are the friends I wish I had when I was 11 and falling hard for these movies.

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