The Last Jedi… Three Months Later

So, The Last Jedi is officially out to own on DVD and Blu-ray at a store near you.

I just finished re-watching the film and all of its bonus content and I can honestly say it is truly a spectacular movie. When my first viewing of TLJ ended I remember my SO turning to me and asking me how I felt, I was literally speechless. I couldn’t even think because I was trying to process what I had just seen. The movie was so different. I wasn’t expecting it and I wasn’t sure how to feel. Was I in the wrong if I loved it? Was I in the wrong if I hated it? I couldn’t make a quick judgement, I needed to watch it again.

After my second viewing I remember driving home and thinking it was incredible. All the things that made me feel uneasy were actually wonderful and different and new. That was the best part.

The Last Jedi is not a traditional Star Wars film, both technically and story-wise. It features shots that aren’t traditionally used in Star Wars movies and it shows us incredible ways the Force can be utilized by its users. It’s understandable that certain Star Wars fans may have felt uncomfortable, it’s understandable if they got taken out of the universe they loved so much, but you know what’s not understandable? For people to boycott, harass, and threaten people’s lives over a space movie.

Three months have passed since The Last Jedi premiered and it has been quite a tumultuous time for fans on the internet. Frankly, it sucks. There are certain hate groups who are trying to ruin people’s love for Star Wars, they’re harassing creators on the daily, and they attempt to do very petty things to try and get Disney to listen to their opinions. It’s ridiculous and makes me feel so bad for the people who have to deal with it every day.

There is no doubt TLJ changed Star Wars fandom forever. With the negativity it’s easy to forget that the majority of fans loved and appreciated this film. It doesn’t have to be your favorite. Art is subjective, you can like it or dislike it. You can disagree with how something was shot and you can be mad about Luke dying. But it is completely unnecessary to tweet at a random person to tell them they’re wrong for loving this movie.

After watching all the bonus content I couldn’t help but think about how this film divided people. It is such a wonderful addition to the Star Wars filmography and the Skywalker saga and I have never felt more confident about Rian Johnson than after The Director and the Jedi.

The Director and the Jedi is a documentary that features behind the scenes footage of the making of The Last Jedi. It was beautiful. It made me laugh and cry and wish I were working on a Star Wars film. I was slightly disappointed with the bonus content of The Force Awakens, so I was extremely satisfied with this release. I’m used to watching The Beginning: Making Episode I and Within a Minute: The Making of Episode III. I watched those documentaries over and over again when I was younger. It sparked my dream to work in film, but more specifically on a Star Wars production. I found myself having those same feelings of awe and wonder. Rian Johnson handled this film with composure and class. I look forward to his future trilogy and admire his unperturbed attitude towards the horrible people online.

The Last Jedi and all of its bonus content is out and worth a watch. Yes, it was a controversial film and we will all look back at this time in Star Wars fandom and probably laugh and roll our eyes and then cry because Star Wars is fucking amazing.


4 thoughts on “The Last Jedi… Three Months Later

  1. I was truly disappointed with the fandom. Not so much that people didn’t like the movie, but that there was genuine hatred towards the creators involved, namely Rian Johnson. There are vids of people making shirts and embroidering items that say “Rian Johnson Sucks.” I’m all for having an opinion, but at that level it’s toxic. As a film fan, even I gotta say it’s just a movie. There were even reports that Kelly Marie Tran received threats with people screaming at her to “get out of my Star Wars.” Just, wow. The response to Last Jedi crossed many lines, which is why I find it so refreshing to stumble upon people who liked the movie. Those are stories I want to hear more of because I really think Rian Johnson made something special. I’m glad you thought so too.


    1. Thanks. I am also a fan of movies and a film student so I totally understand opinions and critiques, but these so called “Star Wars fans” are taking it to a whole new level. I try to only follow positive people in fandom, but sometimes you just come across a comment or tweet that is horrible and it gets really old. I’m glad you enjoyed The Last Jedi! It truly is a special movie because it’s so different from the rest.

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