Five Things: March 2018

Five Things is a series where I list five things I liked, loved, or geeked out about during the month.

In no particular order, here are this month’s five things…

1. This month belonged to Star Wars Rebels. The show came to an end in early March and Lucasfilm was kind enough to invite fans over to watch the series finale and have a Q&A with the cast and creator Dave Filoni. It was really great to hear everyone’s reactions and get some insight into the future of the Ghost Crew.

2. The Last Jedi novelization came out this month! I have not finished it because I’m busy with school, but I love what I have read so far. It’s a great companion to the film and offers a better understanding into the motivations of our beloved characters. It’s also a really pretty book!

3. Forces of Destiny is back with a whole new batch of episodes for season 2. The shorts are really cute and feature PORGS. Yes, PORGS.

4. Filming for Captain Marvel has begun and Brie Larson has been giving us a sneak peek into her training and research for her amazing role as Carol Danvers. I loved the comics written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and I cannot wait for this film!

5. Lastly, The Director and the Jedi is fucking wonderful. This documentary is all about the making of The Last Jedi and gives us an inside look into how Rian Johnson pulled it together. If you liked the movie or love filmmaking in general, you need to watch this doc. It’s available now as a bonus feature on The Last Jedi DVD!


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