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Infinity War: Thoughts, Concerns


If you haven’t seen the movie and do not want to get spoiled then kindly move along.

On Friday I saw Avengers: Infinity War.

I thought it was fucking great.

I will admit that recently I have not been the biggest MCU fan. I remember sitting in the theater when Iron Man came out and absolutely falling in love with the movie and Robert Downey Jr. and even getting into AC/DC for a little while. It was the film that got me into reading comics and superheroes in general. After a couple of years I moved on from Iron Man to Captain America. Steve Rogers was less annoying and a sweet heart. Also, Agent Carter FOREVER. Post-Avengers I just stopped caring about everything. I know. I was so done with Iron Man, I didn’t care for Thor or his films, and I fell asleep multiple times throughout Guardians of the Galaxy. This was also during the time when I moved on from superhero comics to indie comics and I didn’t really look back.

Winter Soldier and Black Panther were the last Marvel films I cared about or remembered. Then, just last week I managed to watch Thor: Ragnarok, which I absolutely adored. It was weird, funny, different, and put Led Zeppelin to good use. I seriously think it’s my favorite Marvel film and made me actually LIKE Thor. And now after Infinity War, I think I love him? It’s weird.

Infinity War is fantastic. It has its flaws, of course, but I don’t really put on my film critic hat with these movies. They’re big blockbusters meant to entertain and hopefully recruit nerds into reading more comics. Also, money. So, it’s never going to be a Casablanca and it either entertains me and makes me want to keep watching or it bores me to death. It didn’t bore me. My SO and I went to go eat after the film and I could not stop talking about the movie. I couldn’t stop thinking about it until we got home. In the end, Thanos retrieves all six infinity stones and with the snap of his fingers cuts half the population in the universe, including some of our mightiest heroes.

The ending was compelling yet, I’m smart enough to know that half of the people who died have sequels coming so, I knew that they weren’t really dead. I have not gone down an Infinity War theory hole yet, but I did manage to read about pocket universes and wonder if maybe that will come into play in the future.

My most hype moment was at the very end. The post credits scene. Nick Fury sends out a distress signal to none other than CAPTAIN FUCKING MARVEL as he disintegrates into thin air. I love Captain Marvel. I read the comics written by Kelly Sue DeConnick a couple of years ago and she is BAE. I am so fucking excited to see Brie Larson as Carol Danvers on the big screen. 2019 can’t come soon enough.

This movie renewed my love for the MCU. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed seeing all the heroes come together and meet for the first time. It made me want to get back into reading superhero comics. I know I will be rereading DeConnick’s run of Captain Marvel soon and hopefully watch Spider-Man: Homecoming one of these days. I think I really like this version of Peter Parker. He’s young and full of hope and pop culture references, I think I’ll probably enjoy his movie a lot too.

If you are an MCU fan you have probably already seen the film and I don’t have to try and convince you. I think if you are like me and you’ve seen a good amount but don’t care that much, you should try and check out Infinity War. I also found A LOT of Star Wars inspirations peppered throughout the film, so be on the look out! It’s a lot of fun and the ending is pretty great. Even if you’ve spoiled yourself, I still think it’s worth watching!


5 thoughts on “Infinity War: Thoughts, Concerns

  1. I’m with you on Captain Marvel! She’s such an incredible character and I can’t wait to see her come to life on the big screen. If you enjoyed Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run and do end up revisiting it, I’d recommend you continue with her and check out Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters who follow. They take her back into space with Alpha Flight and it’s great (although, admittedly, I skipped their second volume as it was all Civil War II stuff). Now she’s being written by the brilliant stewardship of Margaret Stohl and they are some of my favorite Captain Marvel comic ever!

    Also, yeah, ‘Infinity War’ was crazy intense! I’ve been thinking about it all weekend myself!


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