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Updates and Such

Hi everyone!

I have been missing for a couple of weeks, I know.

First of all, I loved Solo and plan on writing more about it in the future. It was a fun ride that did what it was supposed to do, take me away to that galaxy that I love so much. That’s all that I ask for from a Star Wars film, tbh.

The last few weeks I have been focusing on personal things like work and looking for a new job. I also booked a cruise because I am in desperate need of a vacation. I haven’t been feeling well mentally, which happens from time to time, but I’m alive right? And that’s all that matters.

I do want to announce that I have some PLANS for this blog because I’ve been feeling like going in a different direction lately. It’s nothing crazy, trust me. Just want to try and make this site a little more professional and a place where I can be myself while also having some kind of portfolio, if that makes sense. When I started this blog I wanted it solely to get better at writing and maybe meet people online who have similar interests. I’m genuinely surprised by the amount of people who have read and commented on some of my posts in the last couple of months. It’s cool, I honestly didn’t think anyone would care and thought I’d be talking into a void for a long time.

The blog will still be a blog, sort of. I want to use this site as practice for writing articles, reviews, news, and opinion pieces. The blog will still focus on pop culture, Star Wars, and pretty much everything I’m interested in. So, it will still be my little corner of the internet, just a little more professional. I also hope to hone my skills in photography and videography and give myself projects here and there to let those creative juices really flow.

I guess another thing I should announce is that the name will be changing too. While I love Jedi Lore and it made a lot of sense as my personal blog name, I have decided to rename the site Lore of the Galaxy. It’s something I’ve been playing around with for a while and originally wanted to start a podcast with the same name. I feel like Lore of the Galaxy allows me to talk about things that aren’t just Star Wars, but stays within the realm of geek and pop culture. Like I said, it’s still a blog and still about the things that I love. Also, who knows? Maybe I quit blogging altogether and start a podcast all about Star Wars history and lore. We’ll see what the future holds…

Just want to say thanks again to those who have been following along, I really appreciate it and look forward to sharing Lore of the Galaxy with you in the near future.


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