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Collector’s Archive: 2018 Thus Far

At the beginning of 2018 I found myself falling in love with Star Wars enamel pins and the Pinstagram culture. I loved and still love finding pins that can’t be found at the Disney Parks. When I started buying pins it sort of reignited my love of collecting Star Wars, something I took a break from the last couple of years. Since 2015 and the release of The Force Awakens I’ve been cautious of what I buy and for a long time refrained from purchasing unnecessary collectibles. It was partly a money thing but also I just lost interest in buying stuff and then placing it on my shelf to never pay attention to it again.

However, the last couple of months I have slowly begun to appreciate my Star Wars collection again and in fact have added more to it! I’ve decided to start documenting what I collect and how I display it. In July the hashtag #WomenCollectToo made the rounds after an article was posted about how women don’t collect. I implore everyone to go view that hashtag on Twitter and see all the amazing collections from women across all fandoms. The shelfies (shelf collections) are so creative and inspired me to rearrange my own collection. My only problem right now is that I don’t have a lot of space in my room or my bookshelf, so unfortunately I have to try and make do with all the stuff that I have. Sometimes it just has to go in a bin until I have the space for it in the future.

Here is what I have collected and what I have done with my collection thus far in 2018:



Pins galore! For a while there my pins were just sitting on a table because I had nowhere else to put them. Since I like to rotate the pins I wear on my jean jacket, I decided I needed something that could display my pins that wasn’t difficult for me to remove the pins when I needed them (I’m looking at you cork boards). So, I made a linen banner! It’s not only the best option for displaying pins but it is also a very pretty wall decoration.



I began collecting action figures very soon after I fell in love with Star Wars. And I guess because I was young and only really saw collections that had action figures in boxes, I made the choice to not open my figures and oh, how I regret it. In June I finally said “screw it” and opened all of them. It took me a while to find the perfect display stands, but I took a risk and ordered them from amazon and they were perfect! I decided to only display my female action figures because I love them more, sorry not sorry. The only male figure on display is old hermit Luke because I have a soft spot for him and I wanted him next to General Leia because “no one’s every really gone.”



Fan art is the best. I’ve always admired it from afar but now I want to either wear it or hang it all over my walls. Some of what I have collected has found a place on my shelves, but I still need to buy frames for most of what I have bought. It’s going to take some time to figure out where everything goes, but I love everything I have acquired so far.

Since I buy things quite frequently I have decided to make this a monthly feature to show you things I have collected and/or how I have displayed what I collect. Stay tuned for more and may the force be with you!

If you’re interested in viewing what I collect on a weekly basis, follow me on Instagram @jedilore!



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